Kevin Finch

Thank you for visiting my website, a collection of images I have made, and various thoughts/ramblings on things photographic, and other topics of interest.

Who is Kevin Finch?

To paraphrase WJM’s news anchor, Ted Baxter, “It all started in a small pulp and paper town in Québec…”

Like many people, I have been many things during my lifetime: an accounting clerk, a retail salesman, a professional musician, a purveyor of photographic supplies, a mature student, a public servant and a retiree.

I learned most of my photography through self-study although I did take college classes and professional workshops along the way. Eric Boutillier-Brown has been a major influence; I owe Eric a lot!

My photographic interests through the years suggest a variety of portfolios this site will eventually include: aviation, people, music, nature and travel, to name but a few. Categories may come and go over time, as will specific images. My goal is to have between 12 and 18 images per category at any given time.

Social Media

Don’t look for me on social media. I don’t do it. Used to. Not anymore. My time is better spent making memorable images.