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UPDATE: July 28, 2018

I got an e-mail from 500px that says, “We’re glad you’ve decided to come back! Your photos will be restored to your Organizer.”

Thing is, I didn’t rejoin and I don’t want my images on their site. I’ve e-mailed them and told them as much. Argghh!



I used to love 500px.

I first heard about it in a Scott Kelby video and I signed up in, I think… 2011. So, we had a thing for about seven years. I used a custom code, that 500px gave me, to point my custom domain name – – to my 500px portfolio. They restructured their pricing and I paid for an “Awesome” account, which let me continue pointing my domain name to my 500px portfolio.

Then the big changes came. I got a notice saying that I was temporarily upgraded to their new “Pro” account, which gave me a listing in their international photographers’ directory. When the 500px Pro subscription ran out, I kept my free account with the intention of developing a new portfolio site. This site.

Then, this started to appear…


Fair enough, they thought my subscription had lapsed and that I would re-subscribe.

I e-mailed their customer service, asking how to undo the custom code they had provided; thinking that I would delete that and regain control of the domain name and space that I was paying for.

Here’s our back and forth on the topic: 500px e-mails

(I waited a week or two before responding to the customer service survey link in their e-mail. At which point, 500px said I was too late, they were no longer interested in my customer service experience.)

500px, once a proud Canadian company, was sold to a Chinese investor and linked to a similar offering in that country. The PRC doesn’t have a reputation for honouring intellectual property rights so I deleted my images and closed my account.

This started to appear…


Remember, at this point, I’m still paying my web provider for the domain name and the space.

And, I got this e-mail from 500px: Sorry

I contacted my provider, Canadian Web Hosting, and they’ve been great. They asked me where I wanted my domain name to point and I was up and running in no time. Seriously, if you don’t mind rolling up your sleeves and managing your own website, give Canadian Web Hosting a call. Reasonable pricing. Great service. Your files are kept right here in Canada, eh?

So, when 500px ponders this line from Great Big Sea: “How did we get from saying ‘I love you’ to ‘I’ll see you ’round some day?'”, that’s how.




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