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This website is a compilation of my images and – from time to time – my thoughts about photography and other topics.

I’ve been involved in photography since my ’20s; suffice it to say, a long time.

I started making images with a screw-thread Asahi Pentax and along the way worked with Nikon and Mamiya medium format, as well as large format (4×5) film camera; I’m now exclusively using Nikon digital cameras. (Actually, my first photo was made with Dad’s Box Brownie and I later upgraded to a Secret Sam camera in a briefcase but je digresse… My “serious” photography began with the Pentax.)

My images have appeared in publications (Frets and Guitar Player magazines, government publications in Ontario and Nova Scotia), on television (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the Global Television Network), on various online media, and in the bathrooms and hallways of discerning collectors.

I taught beginner photography and digital processing for several groups in Nova Scotia, including the Maritime Camera Club and the Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia, and I have led five Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalks, with the sixth coming up in 2019.

On this website, you’ll find galleries…

And, my ramblings…

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